13 November 2013

I Had A Dream So Big And Loud

If you follow me on instagram you might have seen the photos i've shared of my new Guinea Pigs. I think once you've had a Guinea Pig once you'll never be without one and my new additions have definitely put a smile back on my face after saying goodbye to Muffin in July.
A few weeks old                                                                                Four months old

Cookie, Pudding, Treacle and Crumble are nearly five months old and are so lively and full of fun! The past few years have been really relaxed as Muffin got older and her personality was always really laid back so it's definitely been a bit of a change for me! I've been spending every spare minute with them and they love eating and running around causing mischief.

Pudding is the smallest as she was bottle fed when she was born. Although she's tiny and was the size of a hamster when we got her she's really easy to pick up and has already got up to mischief climbing on her wooden tunnel!

Crumble is definitely the most boisterous of the group and loves to head-but you when you stroke her! She's quite chunky in comparison to Pudding and is very noisy when she wants some grass! I love the little crest on her head and she's a similar colour to Muffin which is really cute too.

Treacle looks like a little beaver and loves to sit on my shoulder like a parrot! Her fur is textured and isn't as soft as a smooth haired Guinea Pig but I love the little stripe across her back. She's the heaviest of the group and loves to hide in her pipe because she prefers to be carried into her cage in it rather than being picked up!

Cookie looks huge but this is thanks to her very thick curly fur. She's the first Guinea Pig i've ever had to bath but she was surprisingly really calm which is good as her fur is really high maintenance and needs regular trims. She was quite lively when we got her and was a bit naughty and had a habit of biting me occasionally but she's grown out of it and is now calm and well behaved.

These photos are about a month old and they've definitely grown even more since then! I'll hopefully do another update when they're fully grown as Cookie is already looking more like a curly black and white Dougal from the Magic Roundabout!


  1. Aww they are all so cute! I love guinea pigs, their little personalities are lovely! <3

    Jennie xo | sailorjennie.com

  2. aw this put a smile on my face, pudding is so so cute! xo