9 March 2014

Five Good Things in February

1. I bought these nail polishes to use up my Superdrug points as they were about to run out and I couldn't find anything else that I really wanted. The orange one is Peach Melba; I was hoping it would be more of a pastel but it's actually quite bright after a couple of coats. The pink confetti polish was a bit disappointing but I probably need to try it on top of a few more colours before I make my mind up about it.

2. There's nothing better than relaxing with my favourite chocolate and a pile of magazines on a weekend! It's so nice seeing some of my favourite bloggers getting the recognition they deserve; i've been following Zoe's blog since she started it and I love that Company have chosen someone so relatable for their cover.

3. I've got a bit of an obsession with necklaces at the minute so I picked this one up on a recent trip to Primark. It's really nice quality and i've worn it a few times and was well worth £2! I'd seen the pug socks on instagram and couldn't resist picking them up, especially as Topshop are selling some similar ones for a much higher price tag! I also bought a statement necklace from Forever21; I love wearing it to dress up a simple t-shirt and skinny jeans.

4. I haven't eaten real pancakes in a long time as i've become a bit addicted to the healthier banana ones so these were definitely a treat for Pancake Day! I filled them with Lotus Biscuit Spread so they were really sweet although i'm regretting not having my usual favourite of orange juice and a sprinkle of sugar!

5. I thought i'd finish this post with a photo of Sage as I can't believe she's six next week, I can still remember the day I got her when she was tiny!


  1. Sage is adorable! I've always wanted a bunny, but my parents would never allow it. Did you get those socks at Primark as well? I have seen them around as well, and I love the design.


    Another Beautiful Thing

  2. Ah those pug socks! I couldn't resist them either :) xx


  3. soo sweet :)
    hope you have good time :)