23 April 2014

Guinea Pigs update

I always seem to be wondering where time goes and after realising that my Guinea Pigs are now ten months old I thought i'd write an update to follow this post.

Crumble, Cookie, Treacle and Pudding are still bursting with energy and have now learnt to squeak ridiculously loud when they're hungry. They've developed the typical Guinea Pig addiction to grass and would happily have a few buckets a day if they were given the chance.

Crumble and Cookie

After having Guinea Pigs for ten years i've realised that no matter how you look after them, every Guinea Pig has their own unique personality and it's no different with these four. I always seem to notice it when i'm putting them in their run in a morning as Pudding and Cookie are a dream to handle, Crumble likes to give you a headbut and Treacle will scratch you no matter what.

Treacle and Pudding

Having a group of Guinea Pigs usually means there's a hierarchy and Treacle is always the boss (no surprise there!). With Pudding being the smallest she does get pushed around a bit more but she's very adventurous and knows how to get out of the way; i've also never seen such a small Guinea Pig eat so much dry food! Cookie is very placid which makes her regular haircuts much easier for me and she didn't seem to mind too much when she had a bath either. Crumble is very friendly and isn't afraid to come and see if you've brought her any food and her lovely colour will always be a little reminder of Muffin who is still very much missed. 

A few weeks old

As you can see from the photos they've grown a lot and with their first birthday coming up in June i'm hoping they won't get much bigger!

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