21 September 2014

Afternoon Tea at Bettys in Harrogate

A few weekends ago I went to Bettys Tea Rooms in Harrogate for Afternoon Tea with a group of friends. I thought i'd share a few photos as I love nothing more than scrolling through food blogs! We paid £26.95 each which included a cup of tea from their menu, a selection of sandwiches, two scones and three individual cakes.

Bettys tea rooms
Bettys tea rooms

Although it was expensive it was a nice treat and the food was well presented - my favourites were the chicken sandwiches and the scones which were really fresh and a lot nicer than shop bought ones! I can't really comment much on the tea as I never drink it but I opted for their Breakfast Tea which I liked and my friends who drink a lot more tea than I do said they enjoyed theirs.

It was served in The Imperial Room which felt very posh and had a man playing piano music through the afternoon. As it was my friends birthday he played 'Happy Birthday' and she was served with a French Fancie cake with a candle in it which was a nice surprise.

Bettys tea rooms
Bettys tea rooms

The service was good but it could have been better - we did have to get up and ask a waitress to come over and serve us and it seemed like we'd been completely forgotten as we were in table in the corner.  I've had afternoon tea at a few different places and Betty's definitely served the nicest food - we were all quite full because you can ask for extra sandwiches so they let us take our cakes home which we all really appreciated!

Despite the service not being as good as other places I would definitely go back for a special occasion or to try something from a different menu - i'd love to try their other food selections from the Cafe! If you've got any recommendations for other places to try afternoon tea please let me know!

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  1. I've been to the Betty's there before and I thought they were really attentive and friendly. Shame about your experience. If you're fancying a trip out, the Black Swan in Helmsley always hits the spot and the staff, although one of the older ladies having a face like a smacked arse, are really welcoming and helpful. Think it's about £20 each and they give you unlimited tea/coffee and a doggy bag of leftovers. Super nice in a lovely setting.