14 November 2014

Hold Your Head Up High

At the minute all I seem to be doing is uni work. Final year isn't easy and i've got so much work to do and not enough time to do it in! I know I shouldn't wish my life away, but i'm counting down the days until I can start working full time again. Having evenings and weekends to myself with nothing work or uni related to worry about was such a luxury during my placement year and i'm missing it so much! Here are a couple of my recent favourites:

I find it really hard to stop thinking about all the work I have to do and having it playing on my mind 24/7 isn't doing me any favours. Last week I decided to treat myself to an afternoon off so I went to Primark and bought a few bits from their winter range and spent the rest of the day reading blogs and listening to music. Perfect! The stag print bedding was only £12 and has made my flat a bit more festive which I love!

I've also been indulging in the new Malteaser chocolate spread and i've shamefully eaten it out of the jar a few times! I can't decide whether I like it more than than the Lotus biscuit spread though!


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  1. Aw Caz, hope the uni workload starts getting easier soon! I work full time and I'm doing a qualification that is equivalent to a degree at the same time, so I can definitely relate to this! I am loving the stag bedding! xx