24 December 2014

Life Happens When You're Making Plans

I couldn't leave my blog without a festive post this year so here are a few photos from my gingerbread baking, hot chocolate drinking, cocktail making few weeks.

Tomorrow is all about eating far too much and enjoying spending time with my family especially as this will be my last Christmas as a student - who know where i'll be and what i'll be doing in a years time?! 
I've already indulged in the Topshop and Boots online sales and if I can find the motivation I might brave the sales on Boxing Day too... spending my student loan before i've got it, what a surprise! I hope everyone has a good Christmas and fingers crossed I should have a few blog posts up in the next few weeks as i've finally got a bit of time to myself, even if I should be writing assignments and working on my dissertation, it's important to have a break after all!



  1. Cute post!

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    lb-lc fashion blog

  2. what a cute post! i hope you're having a wonderful christmas :)

    xx angela | the sunday chapter

  3. The first picture is adorable!
    Merry Christmas :)