9 March 2015

New In: The Body Shop Face Masks

I've shared my love of face masks before and finally decided to try out a couple of clay ones from The Body Shop after reading lots of good reviews and being tempted by their 40% off discount code. I've been using the Origins Clear Improvement mask for about a year and as much as I love it and don't mind paying a bit more for a product that works it would be good to find a cheaper alternative!

body shop mask

The seaweed mask is something i've wanted to try for a while and looks similar to my favourite Origins mask. I applied an even layer with an old foundation brush and it went on quite thickly and dried completely after a few minutes. I left it on for a little bit longer than the recommended ten minutes and found it easy to wipe away with a warm muslin cloth. It left my skin looking clearer and brighter and I was quite surprised to find that it was a bit softer too considering that it is for oily/combination skin and mine is quite dry. It retails at £13 which is quite expensive but I can see the pot lasting quite a while and there are always lots of good offers which can make it a bit cheaper.

body shop mask

body shop mask

I've only ever used a Montagne Jeunesse warming mask before so I was excited to try this one from The Body Shop. It comes in a tube and looks a bit like moisturiser but when you rub it in it has a glue like formula. As you rub it in it gets warmer (but not too warm!) and I found it really relaxing while I waited the three minutes that it recommends. When it came to removing it I found it really difficult and ended up having to really scrub it off which obviously didn't help my skin at all! I've since tried it a couple more times and had the same result so I don't think this product really suits my skin. The warming mask retails at £10 which is slightly cheaper than the seaweed mask but I don't think i'll buy it again.

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  1. I love the Seaweed Clay Mask! I use it every now and again and I'm still impressed by the results! x