20 May 2015

A Little Life Update

I've had a very busy few weeks recently, starting with passing my driving test after having lessons on and off for the past five years! Learning to drive hasn't been easy and it still doesn't seem real that I actually have a license and will never have to go through the torture of a test again! I'm currently looking for a little car and I can't wait to have some independence and visit lots of new places as well as pay my friends back for their countless lifts!

Yesterday I had my last exam and finished uni forever! It still hasn't sunk in that I never have to sit in the library, write another assignment or go to another lecture again. Part of me is gutted as I have so many amazing memories and part of me can't wait to start the next chapter of my life! I went on my last night out with my coursemates last night which was so funny and the perfect ending to the past four years! I will hopefully be graduating in July but now I need to move out of my flat (which i'm really sad about), move back home and start job hunting!

Sage 12.03.2008 - 03.05.2015

Earlier this month I made the heartbreaking decision to have Sage put to sleep after seven years together. Going into the garage and not having her sitting there with her nose pressed against her cage waiting for a treat is taking some getting used to but I can sit here knowing my decision was the right one and she never suffered. She is very much missed but i'm sure another rabbit will find its way into my life in a few years when I have a house of my own.


  1. Well done on passing your driving test and finishing Uni!
    Such a shame about your lovely rabbit..hope you're feeling OK.
    Zoe xx

  2. congrats on your driving test and uni! sorry about your rabbit :(

    danielle | avec danielle