10 May 2015

YouTube Favourites: Spring / Summer 2015

I've been wanting to write this post for a while as I love finding new YouTube videos to watch and thought i'd share my three current favourites. 

I've been following Tami's blog for a while and love her recent venture into YouTube. Her style videos always make me want to spend ££££ and I have serious hair envy too!
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Zanna Van Dijk
I've already mentioned my love of Zanna's recipes and her YouTube is great if you're interested in health and fitness. She always inspires me to do a bit of exercise and eat the right foods and I know I can trust the advice she gives.
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Hannah Maggs
I'm sure everyone is subscribed to Hannah but if you're not you're missing out! I love my Sunday night ritual of watching what her little family have been up to and Stef's editing is always perfect. There's always something that will make me laugh and a new band or song I discover from the videos too!
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  1. Zanna's also my favourite, she's such a babe!
    Don't know the other two, but I'm going to check them out now :)