31 March 2016

Five Good Things in March

March Favourites Red Velvet Cake

1. This month has definitely been much more positive than the last two and I feel like i've finally got things to look forward to. I have lots coming up in the next few months including a wedding, a spa day and hopefully more plans with my friends too. I can't really talk about one of the main changes in my life just yet but i'm planning a post in the next few weeks to share some of the things i've learnt since I graduated last year.

2. For Easter I made a Red Velvet Cake, it's the first time i've ever made one and it turned out really well. As you can probably tell i'm not very good at cutting a cake in half evenly and I was a bit generous with the cream cheese icing so it was quite sweet! The cake did taste good though and wasn't too chocolatey although a few Galaxy Golden Eggs on top would have made it even better! I've shared a photo of the full cake on Twitter including the really cute bunny decorations that I bought from Sainsbury's.

3. It's taken me a while but I finally finished Me Before You by Jojo Moyes that I mentioned in my January post. I thought I was being heartless as everyone mentioned that it made them cry but then I read the last chapter and it got me! It's such a good book but I'm not sure if I should read Me After You as I haven't read many positive reviews about it? I've just started Always A Bridesmaid by Lindsey Kelk as her books are really lighthearted and always make me laugh so i'll share my thoughts on it when i've finished it - hopefully not in three months!

4. Trashy magazines have been a bit of a guilty pleasure recently so I downloaded the Readly app which is a monthly magazine subscription service for your phone or iPad. It works out a lot cheaper than buying them from a shop as there are hundreds of magazines to choose from and you can also read back issues if you missed them. It's also really useful for travelling as you can download the magazines before you go - I just wish they had monthly magazines like Glamour even if I do sometimes enjoy reading actual books and magazines rather than staring at a screen!

5. To be honest I haven't done a lot in March and it's gone by so quickly that I haven't had chance to write down what i've been up to so I can't remember much of what i've done! I thought i'd finish this post like I used to do two years ago, by sharing a few songs i've been loving recently:  Call You Home - Kelvin Jones, All Four Walls - Gorgon City and Deadbeat Girl - Day Wave.


  1. I have tried SO many times to make a red velvet cake and every single time it doesn't seem to work! It's always too doughy...or runny or just tastes disgusting. Please please please do a post on how you made it because yours looks damn PERFECT, girl! I'm actually gagging for a slice right now, by far my favourite cake!

    xx La Coco Noire

    1. Same! I'm not brilliant at baking anyway, but it just becomes an epic mess :(

      I'd definitely agree it would be lovely to read a recipe, yours looks absolutely gorgeous!!



  2. The red velvet cake looks amazing! I always used to think they were berry based rather than chocolate, I'm hoping to make a carrot cake soon :)

    Ami x

  3. Lovely post, I love reflecting back on the month, I do a weekly post where I remember five things that have made me smile that week. It's good to remember the happy things and not always dwell on the bad. Your cake looks amazing, red velvet is my favourite xx


  4. My march was kinda boring and I didn't really do anything! Attending to weddings are fun, I am sure you will have a good time. Red velvet cake looks yummy, you did a good job :)

    Ela BellaWorld

  5. That red velvet cake looks beyond delish!!! March was a bore for me, but I have high hopes for April, since I'm going to Vienna!


  6. Your cake looks amazing <3 I've just bought Me Before You (purely because I've seen that Emilia Clarke is in the movie adaptation so I need to read it before watching) x

    Xtina G Says..

  7. OMG..that cake..
    I like the sound of the book Me Before You, I may have to buy it as a summer read! :) and I'm currently listening to the three songs you mentioned

    Charlotte | http://charlottes-web.wix.com/blog