28 March 2016

Three Food Pinterest Accounts You Need To Follow

Pinterest is my favourite place to go for inspiration, especially when it comes to food as I love finding new recipes and baking ideas! I like using the website and also the Pinterest app during my lunch break at work because it's really simple and who doesn't love a bit of endless scrolling to pass the time? Today I thought i'd share three of my favourite food accounts so look away if you're hungry!

Rosiec921 - Rosie's account is one of my favourites for dreamy food photography, especially desserts and sweet treats! I also love her fashion and interiors posts and pin nearly all of them so give her a follow if you're looking for an all round perfect account!

Top food Pinterest accounts to follow

c a r O l i n a - Another one for dreamy food photography, I love the variety of Carolina's account and there's a nice mix of sweet and savoury foods too. She also has a theme to her account and pins lots of clean white images so if this sounds like something you'd like then give her a follow!

Pinterest recipesPinterest recipesPinterest recipes

Half Baked Harvest - I've followed the Half Baked Harvest blog for a while now and with over 100,000 pins you can't go wrong by following the Pinterest account too! It's divided into lots of different boards so there's something for everyone - how good do the berry and ricotta doughnuts look?!

Pinterest recipesPinterest recipesPinterest recipes

And finally I couldn't finish this post without sharing my own Pinterest account, there are Sweet, Savoury, Chocolate and Healthy boards as i'm obsessed with Food on Pinterest at the minute! If you have any other foodie accounts that you'd recommend i'd love to hear them in the comments. 


  1. <3333 such amazing post!

    everything looks so yummy!

    Karolina Gerspucci

  2. I read this just before lunch so now I'm starving haha oops! I can't pick a favourite dish here tbh it all looks amaaazing x

  3. I am obsessed with food, like more than the average person and love nothing more than looking at yummy food photos like these!!!

    Emma xx // A Little Freckle

  4. Ooh this is great! I just did a post on food Instagram accounts to follow! Can't beat a bit of food porn hey!

    Claire x


  5. I'm so obsessed with Pinterest lately! These accounts are bound to make me hungry like all the time! x

    Xtina G Says..