14 December 2016

How to spend a day at Manchester Christmas Markets

Manchester Christmas Market Santa

Last weekend I went to Manchester Christmas Markets, after craving mini Dutch Pancakes for an entire year! After last year's disaster when it rained all day, it was nice to wander around wearing my favourite winter coat and actually be able to look around without having wet feet!

I chose the pancakes with syrup - there were lots of other flavours including Nutella but my love of sweet things still finds the combination of chocolate spread and pancakes a bit too rich! Obviously if you're looking for the real German market experience there are lots of traditional hot dogs and beers to choose from, but if not, there's definitely something for everyone!

Manchester Christmas Market mug with hot chocolateMini Dutch Pancakes

Later on I bought a hot chocolate - last year I got one with Amaretto but finding the stall again in the crowds was a bit of a nightmare! If I go next year i'll definitely choose a weekday or go for a long weekend so that I can spend more time there when it's a bit quieter as it was hard to even find somewhere to stand to enjoy the food.

There are lots of stalls (not just food!) and some of them are repeated around the streets which is good if you don't want to walk around everything as you won't miss much. If you're looking for a German market to get you in the festive spirit Manchester is a great choice, i'd just recommend visiting at a quieter time if you can!

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