29 April 2018

Five good things in April

Pink H&M bag, lipstick and Hygge book

After a few months off i've decided to continue my reflective Five Good Things posts, as I love using my blog as a bit of a diary.

1. Last week we went to Sharrowvale Market in Sheffield, which has become a bit of a regular thing after falling in love with Froconut and Porter Pizza Company. The weather wasn't too bad so we enjoyed lots of my favourite local food, as well as wandering around all the stalls which sell everything from local beer to furniture, art, cake, street food and much more. If you're in Sheffield i'd really recommend it - you can find dates for the next markets here.

2. My Christmas present from my boyfriend this year was an (adopted) Alpaca and earlier this month I finally got to meet him! Charnwood Forest has 140 alpacas of all different colours and we got the chance to walk up to the field, meet and feed some of them. They are one of my favourite animals and I loved how friendly they were (maybe because they were hungry) - they also make the cutest noises! I also found out that you can book for them to attend your wedding where they'll arrive wearing bow ties which really made me smile!

3. We spent the weekend in Manchester at the start of the month, exploring our favourite places and eating lots of pizza. It was a late Valentine's weekend as we had to cancel it earlier because of the snow. We stayed at Abode again (they gave us the best upgrade!), went to Junkyard Crazy Golf (expensive and not very long but great fun) and ate at Gorilla where I had the best avocado and egg brunch (i'll definitely be going back!).

4. After having the same black bag for years, I recently bought a new one from H&M to inject a bit of Spring colour into my life. I love the gold detailing and it's surprisingly good quality for £12.99. After Victoria shared the love for the Loreal Color Riche Lipstick in 642 I picked it up and I love the consistency - I rarely wear lipstick so it's been a bit of a change but in a good way. Also, inspired by our trip to Copenhagen (more on that soon!), I bought The Little Book of Hygge which i've just finished reading. It's inspired me to de-clutter and enjoy the little things in life and i've been making more of an effort to get outside now the weather isn't so cold.

5. ♫ Three songs i've been loving: Without Your Love - &around, Roll Back - George Fitzgerald and Sunsets pt2 - SG Lewis

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  1. The adopted alpaca is such a cute Christmas present! x