24 June 2018

The best places for food in Copenhagen

As soon as we'd booked our flights I started my research to find the best places to eat in Copenhagen; not only because food can be expensive over there, but also so we got the most out of our trip. This post is a bit of a carb overload but I can highly recommend so many of these places and there are lots i'd still like to visit!

Torvehallerne market
When visiting Copenhagen it's hard to know where to go for traditional danish pastries! We went to Torvehallerne market and weren't disappointed by the huge variety of danish food and drink; there really is something for everyone. We bought a selection of danish pastries and a coffee from Laura's bakery - they were a little more expensive than i'd normally pay but well worth it. The brown sugar cinnamon swirl was very sweet but freshly made and the perfect way to refuel before we continued exploring the city.

Cocks and Cows
Cocks and Cows is easily the best place for burgers in Copenhagen! It's not normally my food of choice but the combination of chicken, brioche bun and curly fries was so good and much needed after a long day of walking around the city. We were so impressed we did consider another visit later into our trip as it was also not too far from our hotel. The price was really reasonable but i'd recommend booking in advance as it does get quite busy, although there is a very good reason for it!

Laundromat Cafe
This cafe is so unique, with bright decor and a real laundry located inside. It was our first experience of breakfast in Copenhagen - I opted for pancakes and James got the dirty brunch which was huge! The dirty brunch included: sausages, bacon, scrambled eggs, potatoes, tomatoes, cheese, greek yogurt and granola, pancakes, fruit, chocolate butter and sourdough bread all for around £13! My pancakes were really filling and came with lots of syrup and butter and I also stole some of James's chocolate butter to add to them! The service was great and I can also highly recommend their smoothies which are made fresh too. 

We were feeling a bit jet lagged after waking up really early for the airport so opted for dinner a short walk from our hotel. Mother was highly rated as one of the best places for pizza and is located in old meat packing district which is a quieter area of the city. I chose the Prosciutto pizza which came with lots of ham and pesto and was so filling! Although the food was good we were really disappointed with the service - we were shown our table and then ignored for 20 minutes with not even a menu to look at. We weren't the only people who had this experience and there are also lots of reviews online with similar feedback - it's a great place for pizza but if customer service is your thing that this is a place you might want to skip.

Mad & Kaffe
We'd just missed out on the breakfast meal when we arrived at Mad & Kaffe so I really struggled to choose from the lunchtime menu as i'd got my hopes up for one of their breakfasts! In the end I chose a chicken open sandwich which is on rye bread as I thought it was about time I tried something a bit more danish! When it arrived (as you can see) I wasn't sure i'd like it but I couldn't have been more wrong. It was so tasty - I loved the flavour of the chicken salad and the combination of rye bread and crispy bacon. An ideal lunch if you're planning a big dinner, this is the place to go - the interior was also lovely!

On our final night we didn't want to go far so opted for our second pizza of the trip, this time at Neighbourhood which was just round the corner from our hotel. This pizza was organic and completely different to any i've ever had before - the dough was more a light pastry which was super thin and crispy. I chose the Buffalo Chicken which was spicier than I expected but I did enjoy the overall flavour combination. My only regret was not getting one with tomato sauce as it didn't feel like a pizza without it, but it was really nice nonetheless. 

If you're wondering what we got up to other than eating or you're looking for things to to do in Copenhagen, have a read of my previous post!

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