28 February 2019

Five good things in February

February favourites - The New Fashion Rules, Valentines Day and Liverpool City Break

Hello 2019! It might be the end of February but i've finally found a bit of time to give my blog some love - I have lots of ideas for new content this year but for now here is a Five Good Things post...

1. We went to Liverpool for a city break earlier this week and it was so nice to forget about the stresses of work for a few days. We are saving up to buy a house so booked this for a late Valentine's Day trip as it will probably be our only break this year. Going early in the week made it a lot cheaper than going abroad and we got a good deal on staying close to the centre too. I've got a full post coming soon with everywhere we explored and ate at but i'd definitely recommend Liverpool if you're looking for a couple of days away in the city - we were really lucky with the weather!

2. I bought a little backpack from Accessorize and it's been a game changer (I can't link it as it's no longer available but there are more here or cheaper options in Primark)! They've definitely become much more fashionable recently and while we were in Liverpool it was so good to have my hands free to take photos and be able to carry more around - it's definitely one of those things I wish i'd bought earlier and I can't recommend it enough.

3. I had a catch up with my friends from uni and saw them for the first time in four years on a little trip to Preston! You know you've got friends for life when you can do that and nothing has changed. I haven't laughed so much in such a long time and we've promised to make it a more regular thing. It did make me realise the bond you create from living with people for a few years and I know i'm really lucky to have so many memories from uni that I shared with them.

4. In January I set myself the challenge of reading 15 books in 2019 as i'm trying to get back into it and use reading as a way to relax every night to help me sleep better. February's book was The New Fashion Rules by Victoria McGrath (Inthefrow) which was a really interesting read. I've been blogging as long as Victoria has so it was quite nice to see how she's captured the ever changing blogging industry, while also learning more about fashion in a beautifully presented and well written book.

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  1. Good luck with your reading challenge! Taking more time for reading has been so good for my mental health. x