22 October 2019

Five good things to start Autumn

Mad About The House book, Cookie the Guinea Pig, and Devour restaurant

As summer is almost officially over and i've got my winter coat and jumpers out, I thought it was time to reflect and write another Five Good Things post...

1. We bought a house! It took a while thanks to having so many surveys to do but it's so satisfying having the keys and freedom to make this house our home. It's a huge renovation project as every single part of the house needs a makeover. So far we've almost removed all the 1960s wallpaper which covered nearly every wall (and ceiling!), and started knocking walls down and removing the chimney. We're sharing this over on Instagram @_renovating27 as lets face it - i'm not very consistent at blogging these days!

2. For James's birthday we went for another amazing meal at Devour just outside Huddersfield. I'll probably write a full review but wanted to share the love for this restaurant which serves the best Italian food including homemade pasta and fresh pizzas, as well as a huge selection of desserts. This is all in a refurbished barn which creates such a nice atmosphere - i'm sure it will look amazing when it's decorated for Christmas and offers a great place to celebrate a special occasion as well as lunch or dinner.

3. This is definitely not a good thing that happened but I want to reflect on how lucky I am to have had six years with my best friends. In September Cookie died peacefully aged six, leaving me with the best memories (and plenty of videos so she'll never be forgotten!). Saying goodbye to Pudding, Crumble and Treacle over the past few years means i'm now sat here without a pet for the first time and it's been difficult to get used to. I've had a routine of being greeted by hungry Guinea Pigs squeaking every morning, and getting up and going to work without this is a constant reminder of how much I rely on my pets to keep me smiling every day. I was going to wait until we've moved into the house to welcome some new additions but the sadness i've felt over the past few weeks means i've decided that life is too short to wait, so hopefully there will be some little Guinea Pigs causing chaos for me very soon.

4. In January I set myself the challenge of reading 15 books in 2019 and so far i'm on number eleven. I've got a bit of catching up to do to meet my target but i'm really pleased i've managed to consistently read for nearly a year compared to hardly anything since I started uni eight years ago! Most recently i've read Mad About The House by Kate Watson-Smyth which has given me lots of ideas and helped to shape my plans for the house as there is so much to think about!

5. ♫ Three podcasts i've been loving: The Great Indoors, Wear It's At and Table Manners with Jessie Ware.

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