2 February 2020

A day trip to Tavira, Portugal

Last year we went to Portugal for our last sunny holiday for a while (hello home renovation life!), and took a spontaneous day trip to Tavira. It's a beautiful historic little city, and offers just enough places to explore in a day.

After a long steep walk up one of the many cobbled paths, we climbed the steps up to the castle and walked along the walls. Tavira Castle offers beautiful views right across the city, and is located next to one of the 37 churches, the Church of Santa Maria do Castelo. When we reached the top the sun was really beating down, so definitely take a hat and suncream if you're planning a visit as there isn't much shade!

Tavira castle, Portugal

As you walk through Tavira, you'll be met with beautiful views of the sun glistening on the Gilão River which runs through. My favourite thing was the man playing a guitar on the roman bridge which made it feel so atmospheric as we got even more steps in walking along the seven arches.

Gilão River Tavira, Portugal
Roman bridge, Tavira, Portugal

There are lots of places to eat, and with so many cobbled 18th century streets we were spoilt for choice. We stumbled across Pizzeria Luzzo which was hidden away and as we visited at a quiet time, we were able to enjoy pizzas sat outside the restaurant enjoying the sun. You're offered an iPad to place your order which means you can spend time building your perfect pizza, as well as order more drinks throughout your meal.

Pizza restaurants in Tavira, Portugal

If you like the idea of slow living, Tavira is the place to go. It's somewhere I could definitely retire to (in about 50 years!) - there are no big fancy shops and everything feels very traditional.  I loved the historic cobbled streets and the peaceful atmosphere - if i'm ever in Portugal again I would go back as it felt like a real escape from the stresses of work back in the UK!

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